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NW6 Bunker Escape Room


2 - 6 people / 70 minutes

From 19€ per person

The Bunker is one of the first games in Spain and updated every year

Top Ranked in TripAdvisor with over 1000 5*.

Will you be able to retrieve and destroy the NW6 in time? You will pose as electricians and infiltrate Dr. Smith’s Bunker NW6.

A fast-paced, automated and highly electronic game where you will need your entire team to overcome the mission.

Game partially updated in 2023

Escape Room Barcelona


2 - 6 people / 80 minutes

From 22€ per person – Beer included

Escape Room created with the collaboration of Estrella Damm.

TOP 50 World at the TERPECA awards 2019 to 2023

A very special beer tasting even for those who don’t like beer. Come with a great desire to have a great time. Mr. Josep, your master brewer is waiting for you!

New game 100% high tech


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Buy online a gift voucher for one of our games or pay us a visit to get a free customed envelope for the NW6 Bunker or a customed bottle for The Brewery.

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Can we play in different languages?

Yes! The game is designed to be played in any language! The introduction and extra help during the game will be in English, Spanish or Catalan.

Are we really trapped? Is it scary or dangerous?

Yeah! you are trapped!… well, not really!

Actually, due to safety reasons you always have an emergency exit that you can use, but it is more fun to accept the challenge, solve all the enigmas and escape in time.

It is not dangerous at all and there won’t be any phantasmagoric appearances.

You only need to come and focus on the game, working together and fast. Come and have fun in one of the TOP Escape Room in Barcelona 

What level of physical agility do I need?

A person with reduced mobility can play the Bunker, this room does not require any kind of physical ability.

The Brewery DOES require a minimum of physical agility (bend down, get up, climb…).

Is there an age limit?

Enigmik is also a family and youth challenge. Boys and girls over 14 years old can play without adult supervision.

Keep in mind that it is a challenge designed for adults, children under 12 years old may not be able to solve many puzzles or tests without the help of an adult (Although many times it is the other way around… 🙂 )

Do I have to be punctual?

Yes! Punctuality is very important. We recommend arriving 5 minutes before the reserved time, the fun starts right at the reception 🙂

In the event of arriving 15 minutes late, Enigmik can cancel the session (without the option of a refund or change of time) so following groups will not be affected.

Can I come to Enigmik Escape Room WITHOUT RESERVATION?

The walk through Barcelona is nice but we can NOT guarantee that the room is free. Guarantee your session by booking on this website or call us at (0034) 93 280 74 12 and we will inform you if there is last minute availability 🙂 Check availability and book here.

It's already Christmas or a birthday is coming up... Can I give Enigmik as a gift?

Do you want to give an experience full of emotions? Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the day of purchase (you can reserve future dates).

Buy the Gift Voucher at the store (Rossello 508) and get a Magic Box or a custom beer botle as a gift to surprise the lucky person!

How many people can participate in a room at the same time?

NW6 Bunker: Groups of 2 to 6 people

La Cerveceria: Groups of 2 to 6 people

What happens if we are more than 6? Organize yourselves into 2 groups and compete one after the other in the same game or in both rooms simultaneously (with a few minutes of difference due to logistical issues)

Do not hesitate to send an email if you have any questions about it and we will find a solution for your team 🙂

What if someone else decides to join in the last minute?

Perfect! We will calculate the new final price depending on how many you are and you can pay the difference at the reception

I have been given a Gift Voucher for two people, can we add some extra players?

Of course! Up to a maximum of 6. We will calculate the difference in price and the extra participants can pay on the same day.

What's the price?

NW6Bunker: from €19 per person

The Brewery: from €21 per person

At the time of confirming the online reservation, a deposit of €40 will be requested. The difference can be paid in cash or card on arrival.


Let us know if you still have any question

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08026 Barcelona

(0034) 93 280 74 12

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